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Wine Experience (Coming Soon)


There is so much about wine you need to learn and discover. I am in Italy in the beautiful region of Puglia, mother of exclusive wine makers. I am here to teach you how to enhance your wine skills, how to swirl the glass, what to say during your service. I want you to take something away from my experience, my passion and my knowledge. You are going to see how I approach wine as a Sommelier and Wine Experience Manager, how I taste and drink wine as a wine lover, how I look forward to every bottle, every glass and all the secrets behind it. I have been tasting wines for almost XX years and that’s what I am going to teach you. What I hope you take away from this Masterclass is a better understanding of wine and wine service, but even more important I want you to understand what’s in that glass, what’s the story behind it, where it came from, who made it. Also, in this Masterclass we are going to meet with an amazing wine maker, people that have been making wines for hundreds of years. We are going to visit one of the most iconic vineyards in Italy. One of my biggest hopes is that you are going to walk away and tell your guest the story behind that bottle, make them live the experience, but also have a better understanding and feel confident about making that great buy for a great bottle of wine. I am Giuseppe Cupertino, Wine Experience Manager at the Borgo Egnazia Resort. Benvenuti nella mia Masterclass!


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