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Take the courses and earn Italian Certifications in Luxury Front Office, Luxury F&B, Luxury Bartending, Luxury Wine Service, Luxury Concierge and more.

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Communication, Self Growth & Neuro Linguistic Programming (ENG)

Communication, Self Growth & Neuro Linguistic Programming (ENG)

THE TEACHER Sara Abdel Masih is a Coach, former Hotel Director named Hotel Manager of the Year, Woman Manager of the Year, Milanese of the Year Award are just a few of the accolades Sara Abdel Masih has received, making her one of the leading figures in our industry. With experiences at global chains like Four Seasons and Bulgari Hotels, she has acquired solid skills in hotel management. Today, Sara is a speaker in various hotel training institutes in Milan and universities, supporting those who aspire to pursue a leadership career. What will this Masterclass teach you? Hello everyone, I'm Sara Abdel Masih, and I welcome you to my Masterclass. In this lesson, I will teach you Powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which will help you modify your mental maps and enhance your communication style. Yes, you heard it right – NLP teaches you to manage yourself and others more effectively! You will learn to distinguish between facts and judgments and how to interpret external events correctly. This will help you develop the right mindset to face life's challenges, both personal and professional. NLP was created in the 1970s by John Grinder and Richard Bandler, and today it is mainly used in the workplace and managerial context. It will help boost your self-esteem, speak in public, and motivate your management team. Even though it is not well-known in the psychological field, NLP is a powerful tool for improving management, communication, and leadership. NLP is a new topic, and it will teach you to understand body language, eye movements, and the words we use. This knowledge will help you manage yourself and others more effectively, giving you a competitive edge in your workplace. Are you ready to learn? Then get ready for a lesson that will change your life!
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Italian Certification

Earn Italian Certifications in Luxury Front Office, Luxury F&B, Luxury Bartending, Luxury Wine Service, Luxury Concierge and more.

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What other learners say

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As expected, good inspirational talks. Motivating. Even thou I've already had the experience and knowledge, I came here to masterclass to learn more about F&B. I am so inspired with the instructor "Nicola". It's unbelievable he became a restaurant manager at the age of 24. At the age of 24, I've only reached as a supervisor. Thank you Nicola. Very Inspiring.
Thank you Nicola and team about this production. Certainty you did the most difference of my career as a waiter and now using of yours pillars to start my bussiness. I immensely grateful for your content.

Fabian Felix

As someone entering bar tending pretty late in life, I really appreciate the information provided in this course and the fantastic way it was presented. Thank you!

Elizabeth Moore

I am fairly new concierge in a 4 star hotel in the West of Ireland. This course is showing me how to be the one that is going above and beyond and has the intricate knowledge of people and places in my local area.

Zach G.

Very knowledgeable and experienced teachers. They have worked in the industry for years and can give both wisdom and examples to support the teaching points. Exceptional setting, good cinematography, engaging music, and all around a great learning experience. Thank you!




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